7 Home Library Ideas With Minimalist And Modern Bookshelf Designs


Reading books is a human need to increase knowledge in life. Many people finally started collecting books, but sometimes they forgot about the importance of bookshelves. Bookshelves have a very important role. With the bookshelves, the books will look neater and more beautiful to look at. So, for those of you who have many books, you must have a bookshelf. This time, we have good recommendations for you about minimalist and modern bookshelves. Here’s the 7 Home Library Ideas with Minimalist and Modern Bookshelf Designs:

Tree bookshelf

This bookshelf has a unique shape in the form of a tree. We can put books in each branch. This tree bookshelf also gives a minimalist and modern look. So, if you want a minimalist and modern bookshelf with attractive design ideas, tree bookshelves can be the right choice.

Bookshelf beside Mattress

This bookshelf is quite unique and interesting. So, every time you wake up and want to read a book you can easily find it. In addition, you can also put something else on the shelf, and you can also decorate around the shelf with a flower vase.

Nordic triangle bookshelf

Nordic Triangle Bookshelf is made from premium iron, and certainly durable to use. Besides books, you can also put magazines on this shelf or something else on it. Its simple and minimalist appearance makes it very easy to move anywhere.

Creative Bookshelf

This bookshelf looks very minimalist and modern, the white color makes the shelf look more simple, cool and clean.

As you can see, there are two shelves that can be combined. You can move chair-shaped shelves wherever you want, along with the books you like. You can also sit down on that chair. This creative bookshelf is designed by Sou Fujimoto.

Creative Trilogy Staircase Bookshelf

Stylish and functional display. The bookshelf has a pretty good shape with a minimalist appearance. You can also fill every space in the shelf with various kinds of books or other supporting properties.

For the placement itself, you can place it near the wall or the place where the rack looks neat.

Staircase Bookshelf

If you will be building a house and thinking about its interior design, you should not forget to put up a minimalist shelf for your books. The staircase bookshelf will be the right choice in storing books, especially in large numbers.

There are several kinds of staircase shelves, some are under the stairs, and some are on each floor of the stairs. More details see the picture below: With the staircase shelf, your books will be well maintained and look neat. In addition, this will also make your home look good with a minimalist and modern Staircase bookshelf design in it.

Bookshelf on The Wall

The placement of bookshelves on the wall is the most liked by everyone in improving the appearance of their home. There are various kinds of bookshelves on the wall, see below:

For its application, you can decide for yourself and choose which one is suitable for placement in your home.

The Charm Of Kitchen’s Island


Kitchen is one of the places in the house that enables social gathering when it has enough space. Obviously, when your kitchen is closed and small, there would only be enough space for you to cook. That is why, if you want your kitchen be something more than a place to cook, you might want to consider make your kitchen more open. And if you already have large kitchen, you don’t have any problem with the size of the room. Both size, however, need place where people can sit around. One of the solutions is by having kitchen island.

 Kitchen island can be really attractive and inviting. It is positioned in a large and open space where everybody can see and sit around. When you have kitchen island, you have added more space for people to talk around the place. As it is part of the kitchen, the feeling is more casual and relaxing, compare to a formal dining table. And while you’re at the kitchen island, you would also be able to converse with the people who cook and those around.

Not only that it gives you more options to hang around at the house but it also gives you more options to store your appliances. You can have closed cabinets or open shelves under the island. Or, if you love the shelves but you want to keep it modest, you can close it with curtain too, just like the traditional look would do. It gives the kitchen even more accents.

Besides the storage, the island can also be the place where you put stove or sink. It gives you more space to have separate work station so you will have enough space to prepare everything. With kitchen island, it is possible for you to cook without being absent from your guests, thus you can have the conversation flow well.

For a small or limited kitchen, the island can be the partition between the kitchen area and the dining or living area. This is a practical function, especially when you don’t want wall in your space but you want to create some light barrier.

With island, you will have more details that you need to pay attention, like the setting of the island. There are many looks that you can have with island. It can look simple with square or geometrical shape or it can be more than an open look but with some glass windows on it that can give an exciting and beautiful setting in the kitchen. However, when you decide to have kitchen island, you will want to know the right size that will not take too much space and make the space tighter instead. For those small kitchens, while it might be great to have open kitchen and have kitchen island instead of wall, the wrong size will not be pretty to have especially because kitchen island is usually put in the middle of a kitchen. You might want to make sure that it will not ruin your cooking flow and that it will always help your cooking.

The Charm And Practicality Of Pegboards Put In The Kitchen

It is natural to want to have some storage in the kitchen as kitchen is a place where you will have so many cooking tools, plates, mugs, spoons, etc. Sometimes this can be overwhelming as you want to keep everything tidy while you also want to keep everything within arm-reach. And not only just the usual arm-reach where you can get it but it is the kind of arm-reach where you can get it in the right time. Because, as you know perfectly, the battle in cooking is not only the matter of what to put in but also when to put in. If you love to have everything you need near you and you want t keep it tidy and unique, you would love to have pegboards in your kitchen’s wall.

From the look itself, pegboard is not as usual as the shelves and cabinet. Although pegboard is not a new thing, it is still exciting to have something not too mainstream in the kitchen. When it is not used, pegboard have offered round pattern to the wall that will add an interesting look to your kitchen. It will only be part of the wall that gives some accent. Pegboard can give modern and contemporary look in the kitchen, although it may not be a match in a kitchen with classic or traditional look. 

The tiny holes on the entire surface are obviously practical. You can hang hooks on the holes and put your tools there. Or you can hang hooks and put small container to hold all the tools inside. And not only the tools, you can hang chalkboard on it for messages to the others or just some to-do-list. It is so flexible and it can come whether in small or large size. Even if you only use some part of the board in the large one, you will still add accents and style with pegboard itself as it can look unique and interesting. 

The board itself can be in any color. You can ad pegboard with color contrast with your kitchen or a color that will blend perfectly. It is totally up to you. That being said, pegboard can either be natural, neutral, or vibrant and fun. Or, if you prefer something bolder, you can paint over it.

The location for pegboard is not limited to the wall only as it can also be installed on the side of the island where you can put some nook. And, because of its simple and compact shape, pegboard is a perfect solution for some space that is unused and when you don’t want shelves in the kitchen as shelves can stick out too much and it’s a waste of space sometimes. Because of this shape and how it sticks to the wall, pegboard is a great solution to limited space challenges where sometimes your space can’t afford bulky furniture like cabinets. If your kitchen has this problem, you might want to consider having pegboard up on your wall. Or island.

Big Mistakes Everyone Do In Redesigning And Redecorating A Small Room And What Are The Best Tricks


Have a small home and still don’t have any idea to make it cozier and homier with all cluttered stuffs? This is the basic problem experienced by most people with the limited-space homes and many of them don’t have a perfect solution about that. In fact, such a small space can be managed and improved into a cozy, uncluttered, and functional as we want; and through this article, you’ll get the useful info about the best ideas of redecorating a small home and how to avoid some big mistakes everyone makes related to their small home.

When it’s time to redesigning a small space, the cardinal rules are in your mind. The rules say that keep the space light, things are in well-stored, and the furniture’s size fits the scale of space, but actually you can do more than that. Every inch of space can be a target to ‘spice up’ optimally. Even, think twice to undo the cardinal rules and move to the following tricks; but before we start to share the clever tricks of re-designing a small space, let us tell about what mistakes everyone usually do in managing their small space.

When talking about the small space, we automatically think about how all stuffs get well-stored and uncluttered; and lots of storage solutions are the best alternatives for this. But this will make your crazy when seeing a huge numbers of boxes, racks, or baskets existed in your small room. This just makes your room looks smaller; and what’s the best solution? Just keep some storage solutions you need and keep others rightly under your furniture. Just make sure you’ve organized them well and don’t let them exposed on the floors or under your foot (these will block your mobility).

The furniture selection is also important in this case. Furnish the small space with the furniture that fits the space’s size, meaning that choose the right furniture scale and manage their layout to get the best and coziest look. Remember to keep the right size; not overstuffed and not too much small. An overstuffed sofa in a small room can make it too huge visually and it certainly will take much of space; too much small sofa also has the same effect. By contrast, a large area rug feels more interesting than some small rugs. It looks simpler and lighter; but if you want to add a stated furniture to your small room, a large couch is okay to furnish, make it as an anchor of room and not other furnishing pieces existed in the same room.

Lighting choice is another trick to redesigning a small space correctly. Most people do a big mistake related to this case. Almost homeowners don’t want to pick the lighting products with over cords; they aren’t simple and quite far from aesthetic value, so the homeowners prefer to skip the accent light fixtures. Then, is an overhead lighting fixture enough to accommodate the need of light in a small room? Of course not; an overhead lighting fixture only illuminates the area under the fixture; there’re still some dark corners in the room; while these dark corners can visually make the room looks smaller than it is. An accent lighting fixture is the best option. This kind of fixture perfectly illuminates all inches of room.

Sometimes putting all furniture against the walls is the best solution, but it does not always work perfectly. This idea will create a strange layout and just gives a sense of over-cluttered stuffs in particular room’s side. In contrary, just try to move the couch away from wall for a better access when socializing; or skip the small table and let the space empty to cut off the distance when welcoming and entertaining the guests. It’s true that this idea will make the center of living room looks smaller than before, but it feels more comfortable.

The color; what’s best color shade for a tiny room? It’s common to hear that light and bright color shades are perfect for all small rooms and dark color shades are not recommended for such a small space. There is an opinion that light and bright color shades visually make the room larger; by contrasts, dark color shades can create a smaller visual effect. Actually, this opinion isn’t wrong but the small space isn’t all about the colors, but also the texture, meaning that there are some particular color shades and color combinations that can produce a textural visual. Monochrome, a combination of black-white or gray-white, for instance, can bring a special texture that’s important to insert to the small room. This is a smart strategy to add a beauty through the playful color use.

We also want to highlight the textile and woodwork, too. Both elements obviously bring a strong character to all small rooms. No need any boxes or baskets to organize them; just let them exposed randomly anywhere you want to highlight with.

The color painting for the interior façade especially the walls and ceilings also need to get your attention. It’s better to not repaint the walls just once; it’s recommended to extend the same color onto your ceilings for an unbroken line effect. This idea, of course, is an instant way to make the space more spacious and larger. This is also a genius idea to add a color accent to the space.

Breaking up the small space via furnishing it with some small furniture set seems a good idea. Or use the bold-colored accents, striking textiles, and unique ornament pieces for the direct focal points. These automatically will drive all people’s eyes to see the room; this is the best moment to start making a positive impression and beauty we can amazingly find in a small room.

Lastly, too much decorative items are the big mistakes. Just let the table bare to give a simple and minimal look. Take the throw pillows out from your couch to provide more space to sit in. This idea seems recommended to give the eyes a break.