The Charm Of Kitchen’s Island

Kitchen is one of the places in the house that enables social gathering when it has enough space. Obviously, when your kitchen is closed and small, there would only be enough space for you to cook. That is why, if you want your kitchen be something more than a place to cook, you might want to consider make your kitchen more open. And if you already have large kitchen, you don’t have any problem with the size of the room. Both size, however, need place where people can sit around. One of the solutions is by having kitchen island.

 Kitchen island can be really attractive and inviting. It is positioned in a large and open space where everybody can see and sit around. When you have kitchen island, you have added more space for people to talk around the place. As it is part of the kitchen, the feeling is more casual and relaxing, compare to a formal dining table. And while you’re at the kitchen island, you would also be able to converse with the people who cook and those around.

Not only that it gives you more options to hang around at the house but it also gives you more options to store your appliances. You can have closed cabinets or open shelves under the island. Or, if you love the shelves but you want to keep it modest, you can close it with curtain too, just like the traditional look would do. It gives the kitchen even more accents.

Besides the storage, the island can also be the place where you put stove or sink. It gives you more space to have separate work station so you will have enough space to prepare everything. With kitchen island, it is possible for you to cook without being absent from your guests, thus you can have the conversation flow well.

For a small or limited kitchen, the island can be the partition between the kitchen area and the dining or living area. This is a practical function, especially when you don’t want wall in your space but you want to create some light barrier.

With island, you will have more details that you need to pay attention, like the setting of the island. There are many looks that you can have with island. It can look simple with square or geometrical shape or it can be more than an open look but with some glass windows on it that can give an exciting and beautiful setting in the kitchen. However, when you decide to have kitchen island, you will want to know the right size that will not take too much space and make the space tighter instead. For those small kitchens, while it might be great to have open kitchen and have kitchen island instead of wall, the wrong size will not be pretty to have especially because kitchen island is usually put in the middle of a kitchen. You might want to make sure that it will not ruin your cooking flow and that it will always help your cooking.

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