7 Home Library Ideas With Minimalist And Modern Bookshelf Designs


Reading books is a human need to increase knowledge in life. Many people finally started collecting books, but sometimes they forgot about the importance of bookshelves. Bookshelves have a very important role. With the bookshelves, the books will look neater and more beautiful to look at. So, for those of you who have many books, you must have a bookshelf. This time, we have good recommendations for you about minimalist and modern bookshelves. Here’s the 7 Home Library Ideas with Minimalist and Modern Bookshelf Designs:

Tree bookshelf

This bookshelf has a unique shape in the form of a tree. We can put books in each branch. This tree bookshelf also gives a minimalist and modern look. So, if you want a minimalist and modern bookshelf with attractive design ideas, tree bookshelves can be the right choice.

Bookshelf beside Mattress

This bookshelf is quite unique and interesting. So, every time you wake up and want to read a book you can easily find it. In addition, you can also put something else on the shelf, and you can also decorate around the shelf with a flower vase.

Nordic triangle bookshelf

Nordic Triangle Bookshelf is made from premium iron, and certainly durable to use. Besides books, you can also put magazines on this shelf or something else on it. Its simple and minimalist appearance makes it very easy to move anywhere.

Creative Bookshelf

This bookshelf looks very minimalist and modern, the white color makes the shelf look more simple, cool and clean.

As you can see, there are two shelves that can be combined. You can move chair-shaped shelves wherever you want, along with the books you like. You can also sit down on that chair. This creative bookshelf is designed by Sou Fujimoto.

Creative Trilogy Staircase Bookshelf

Stylish and functional display. The bookshelf has a pretty good shape with a minimalist appearance. You can also fill every space in the shelf with various kinds of books or other supporting properties.

For the placement itself, you can place it near the wall or the place where the rack looks neat.

Staircase Bookshelf

If you will be building a house and thinking about its interior design, you should not forget to put up a minimalist shelf for your books. The staircase bookshelf will be the right choice in storing books, especially in large numbers.

There are several kinds of staircase shelves, some are under the stairs, and some are on each floor of the stairs. More details see the picture below: With the staircase shelf, your books will be well maintained and look neat. In addition, this will also make your home look good with a minimalist and modern Staircase bookshelf design in it.

Bookshelf on The Wall

The placement of bookshelves on the wall is the most liked by everyone in improving the appearance of their home. There are various kinds of bookshelves on the wall, see below:

For its application, you can decide for yourself and choose which one is suitable for placement in your home.

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