The Charm And Practicality Of Pegboards Put In The Kitchen

It is natural to want to have some storage in the kitchen as kitchen is a place where you will have so many cooking tools, plates, mugs, spoons, etc. Sometimes this can be overwhelming as you want to keep everything tidy while you also want to keep everything within arm-reach. And not only just the usual arm-reach where you can get it but it is the kind of arm-reach where you can get it in the right time. Because, as you know perfectly, the battle in cooking is not only the matter of what to put in but also when to put in. If you love to have everything you need near you and you want t keep it tidy and unique, you would love to have pegboards in your kitchen’s wall.

From the look itself, pegboard is not as usual as the shelves and cabinet. Although pegboard is not a new thing, it is still exciting to have something not too mainstream in the kitchen. When it is not used, pegboard have offered round pattern to the wall that will add an interesting look to your kitchen. It will only be part of the wall that gives some accent. Pegboard can give modern and contemporary look in the kitchen, although it may not be a match in a kitchen with classic or traditional look. 

The tiny holes on the entire surface are obviously practical. You can hang hooks on the holes and put your tools there. Or you can hang hooks and put small container to hold all the tools inside. And not only the tools, you can hang chalkboard on it for messages to the others or just some to-do-list. It is so flexible and it can come whether in small or large size. Even if you only use some part of the board in the large one, you will still add accents and style with pegboard itself as it can look unique and interesting. 

The board itself can be in any color. You can ad pegboard with color contrast with your kitchen or a color that will blend perfectly. It is totally up to you. That being said, pegboard can either be natural, neutral, or vibrant and fun. Or, if you prefer something bolder, you can paint over it.

The location for pegboard is not limited to the wall only as it can also be installed on the side of the island where you can put some nook. And, because of its simple and compact shape, pegboard is a perfect solution for some space that is unused and when you don’t want shelves in the kitchen as shelves can stick out too much and it’s a waste of space sometimes. Because of this shape and how it sticks to the wall, pegboard is a great solution to limited space challenges where sometimes your space can’t afford bulky furniture like cabinets. If your kitchen has this problem, you might want to consider having pegboard up on your wall. Or island.

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